One Nymph or Two? | MidCurrent

One Nymph or Two? | MidCurrent

Picture: Domeneick Swentosky/Troutbitten

If I’m fishing with nymphs, I virtually all the time have a minimum of two tied on my rig. I’ve caught flak for it from some who don’t suppose it’s “sporting,” however I typically fish a dry-dropper-dropper rig throughout the summers. Utilizing three flies is authorized right here in Wyoming, and the power to fish an enormous hopper, caddis, or stonefly up high, with a caddis and midge nymph beneath it, permits me to successfully cowl extra of the water column, particularly within the deep pockets in my native high-country streams.

But it surely’s not simply the power to cowl extra of the water column that helps the two-nymph rig have a lot success. Based on Dom Swentosky, over at Troutbitten, fishing two nymphs additionally helps get each into the strike zone faster, growing the period of time your nymphs spend in a spot the place a trout is almost definitely to eat them.

That’s the gist behind Dom’s use of two nymphs, however there are different sensible causes he fishes this fashion, which you’ll be able to be taught all about right here.

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